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Why Sleepwalking Happens

Why Sleepwalking Happens

Why Sleepwalking Happens

Have you experienced getting up from bed or walking while you are asleep? It may sound unusual, but sleepwalking does happen to some people, whether young or adult. Sleepwalking, also called somnambulism, occurs when a person gets up from the bed and walks around even though he or she is still asleep. Truly, sleepwalking or any other sleep issues deprive us of the quality sleep we deserve. iSleep Program, a sleep clinic in Bronx, New York, is here to provide help.

A person who sleepwalks isn’t aware of the act. A sleepwalker may pace quietly in the room, try to escape, or talks nonsense without them knowing their actions. While sleepwalking seems inoffensive, it can create problems occasionally and may involve violent episodes such as harming oneself, a partner, or other people at home. Being sleep-deprived, stressed, drunk, or taking drugs like sedative-hypnotics and stimulants are some of the reasons that lead to sleepwalking. If you are bothered with your sleeping issues, a sleep disorder center in Brooklyn, New York can help you get the sound sleep you need.

Furthermore, sleepwalking is also linked to medical conditions. These conditions include heart rhythm problems, restless leg syndrome, psychiatric disorder, and obstructive sleep apnea. Managing such conditions and having a peaceful sleep can now be achieved with the help of a sleep apnea therapy in New York City, New York through comprehensive diagnostic and treatment solutions for a broad range of sleep disorders.

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