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Simple Ways to Fall Asleep Quickly

Simple Ways to Fall Asleep Quickly

Simple Ways to Fall Asleep Quickly

As having poor sleep can affect various parts of your body and brain, specifically in the areas as mood, emotions, memory, learning, and various biological functions, a sleep clinic in Bronx, New York lists down the following ways you can fall asleep quicker:

  • Lower the room temperature.
    As you sleep, your body temperature alters, so your core temperature decreases while that of your hands and feet increases. While you have your preferences, setting your thermostat between a cool temperature of 60–75°F (15–23°C) will greatly help.
  • Set a schedule.
    A sleep disorder center in Brooklyn, New York recommends that you set a sleep schedule that has helped a lot of people. Your body has its circadian rhythm that serves as an internal clock to cue your body about feeling alert at day and sleepy at night. This is also why you will need to experience both daylight and darkness in a day.
  • Avoid naps in the day.
    While short power naps help you to be more alert, regular, long, and late naps may result in a poor quality of nighttime sleep as well as sleep deprivation.

Let iSLeep Program, a provider of Sleep Apnea Therapy in New York City, New York gives you more ways you can sleep quickly.

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