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Snoring: What Causes It and Should You Worry?

Snoring: What Causes It and Should You Worry?

Snoring: What Causes It and Should You Worry?

Snoring is described as noisy breathing during sleep that may occur nightly or intermittently. It is a problem present among all genders and ages. As a matter of fact, it affects approximately 90 million American adults regularly.

There are various causes of snoring. It can be due to narrow airways, old age, inflammation in the nose and throat, your sleeping position, obesity, side effects of medication, or even taking alcohol.

Snoring can be more serious as people age. Other than disrupting your sleep and your bed partner’s sleep, it can also lead to other adverse health effects such as daytime dysfunction and heart disease.

As a provider of sleep apnea therapy in New York City, New York we often have clients who have snoring problems and have various methods of treatment.

According to the, you should consult your doctor if you snore and experience any of the following signs:

  • excessive daytime sleepiness,
  • morning headaches,
  • recent weight gain,
  • not feeling rested after a full night sleep, and
  • observed pauses during sleep.

Is your snoring disrupting you and your bed partner’s sleep? Get yourself treated in our sleep clinic in Bronx, New York. We at iSLeep Program will make sure we find out the cause of your problem and the perfect treatment so you can get your peaceful night’s sleep.

Other than snoring, our sleep disorder center in Brooklyn, New York also deals with other sleep disorders such as sleep apnea, insomnia, sleepwalking, and others.

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