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Reasons Why You’re Feeling Sleepy All the Time

Reasons Why You’re Feeling Sleepy All the Time

Reasons Why You’re Feeling Sleepy All the Time

Do you find yourself yawning and feeling sleepy more often than usual? If so, you might have excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS).

EDS is characterized by a person’s inability to maintain wakefulness and alertness during the major waking moments of the day. If you have EDS, you might find yourself dozing off at inappropriate times and feeling too weak to start or join activities that you typically enjoy.

Excessive daytime sleepiness can also have significant impacts on your health. It can increase chronic pain, cause hormonal imbalances, and even lead to unhealthy weight gain.

When you visit a Sleep disorder center in New York City, New York to take a look at your EDS, expect your doctor to ask about the following things:

  • Diet
    Food is where most of your energy comes from. Therefore, if you skip a meal or don’t consume a healthy diet, it can affect your sleeping habits/sleep quality.
  • Poor Sleep Habits
    The most obvious reason you’re experiencing daytime sleepiness is that you’re not getting enough sleep at night. Booking an appointment with a professional Sleep clinic in Brooklyn, New York can help you learn better ways to improve your sleeping habits.
  • Sedentary Lifestyle
    Not getting enough physical activity makes it more likely for you to feel restless and get poor-quality sleep that’s often interrupted by snoring and pausing in breathing.
  • Stress
    Psychological stress can also affect the ability of a person to get good-quality sleep, which can then lead to more stress.
  • The Help You Need
    At iSLeep Program, we strive to provide our clients with high-quality and effective solutions to sleep issues, such as Polysomnograms and Sleep Apnea Therapy in Bronx, New York.

To learn more about our services and offers, contact our clinic, today!

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