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How to Deal with Sleep or Night Terrors

How to Deal with Sleep or Night Terrors

How to Deal with Sleep or Night Terrors

This is not about being afraid of sleep, but it’s about getting awake from sleep screaming, confused, or have the feeling of intense fear. Sleep terrors are somehow different from repetitive nightmares. Though the former could be triggered by a nightmare, the latter frequently occurs due to the same sleeping disturbances. With the help of a certified sleep clinic in Brooklyn, New York, you can find ways to help your child in dealing with these disorders.

  • Reduce Stress
    Stress triggers night terrors. School or social pressures, hearing bad news, worrying about someone’s illness, seeing parents arguing with each other, and other stressors could affect the sleep of your child. You can reduce stress by allocating some time to talk or play with your kids and encouraging them to join fun activities at school.
  • Create Bedtime Routine
    Reading a bedtime story, having a snack, brushing teeth, or anything that you want to do with your child before going to bed. Children love routines, whatever the habit might be. You just have to make sure that they will not stay late at night.
  • Treat Underlying Conditions
    Medical or mental health conditions, such as fever, mood disorder, and restless leg syndrome, could cause anxiety and sleep terrors. By treating underlying conditions, like getting reliable sleep apnea therapy in Bronx, New York, you can minimize the possibility of experiencing sleep disruptions.

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