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The Link Between Sleep and Depression

The Link Between Sleep and Depression

The Link Between Sleep and Depression

Depression can make it incredibly difficult for you to get some shut-eye. The reason for this is the link between sleep and depression. Sleep or even staying asleep can be elusive to those who are suffering from depression.

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Why Does Depression Lead to Sleep Disorders?

Among the key signs of clinical depression is the inability to get some sleep as well as the propensity to get too much sleep. While sleep disorder won’t necessarily lead to depression, lack of sleep will play a huge role in that. The many other challenges going on in a person’s life, including personal problems and medical illnesses, can exacerbate depression.

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep allows you a fresh start to the day. It helps you take on whatever a brand new day has in store with determination and vigor. With proper sleep, your mind and body are restored and you’re able to avoid mood issues like irritability, a high level of attentiveness, and anxiety.

Not getting much sleep can cause fatigue as well as a decline in your level of fitness. This can potentially become a vicious cycle that, when ignored, can result in a whole bunch of personal and health-related future challenges, the least of which is depression.

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