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Did You Know That Bad Sleeping Habits Cause Brain Fog?

Did You Know That Bad Sleeping Habits Cause Brain Fog?

Did You Know That Bad Sleeping Habits Cause Brain Fog?

If you don’t catch enough zzzs at night, be careful. Your mental health is at risk.

Brain fog is also synonymous with mental fatigue. Technically speaking, it isn’t a condition in itself. Rather, it is a symptom that leads to other medical conditions. As a type of cognitive dysfunction, it often involves:

  • Problems with memory
  • Absence of mental clarity
  • Lack of focus
  • Poor concentration

Any of these symptoms ring a bell to you? The more severe your case gets, the more your work or school performance gets endangered.

Thankfully, brain fog doesn’t have to be a permanent problem for you. One of the main causes of brain fog is poor sleep. To improve your symptoms, you must tackle the root of the problem.

iSLeep Program shares a couple of suggestions that will improve your sleeping habits:

  • During the morning, increase your exposure to bright light.

    Did you know that your body has a built-in time-keeping clock? This is known as your circadian rhythm.

    By getting enough natural sunlight, your circadian rhythm remains healthy and in tune. If that’s not practical for you, adding more artificial light into your living space also helps.

  • During the night, decrease your exposure to blue light.

    Do you sleep with your phone? Use your laptop in bed? As convenient and fun it may be, decide against it.

    The blue light emitted by your gadgets can disrupt your sleep and wake rhythm. Try installing a blue light filter on your devices to make it less disruptive before sleep.

  • Exercise daily, but not right before bedtime.

    Yes, being physically active helps improve your sleep and health. However, doing it at night can backfire your efforts.

    Why? This is because exercise stimulates the production of hormones called adrenaline and epinephrine. With these in your system, you’re bound to stay more alert and awake.

  • Get a sleep disorder ruled out.

    An underlying health condition might be to blame for your current issue. Ignoring your symptoms won’t do any good for your health.

    Sleep apnea is one of the common sleep problems faced by a good majority. Don’t worry, it can be treated. You can get Sleep Apnea Therapy in Bronx, New York from us after a proper diagnosis.

Might you have other concerns regarding all things about sleep?

You’re in good hands at our Sleep disorder center in New York City, New York. We have specialists that can test, diagnose, and help treat your sleeping woes. Book an appointment with us today.

If you need our contact details, just scroll down. Everything you need to reach out to us is listed below. Or, if it’s more convenient to you, scheduling an appointment is as easy as heading over to our website.

Don’t let brain fog jeopardize your brain skills. You can get better. Talk to us! Share this article with a friend so they can avoid the problems brought by brain fog as well.

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