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Sleep Tips for the Night Warriors

Sleep Tips for the Night Warriors


As we head home and get a good night’s sleep after a long day, some are just about to begin the day. Several individuals are working night shifts and if you’ve experienced working on rotating shifts, you can relate to the challenge of sleeping against the circadian rhythm, to the point that you need to visit a sleep disorder center in New York City, New York for help.

The body naturally adapts to the sun’s cycles. We are driven to sleep at night because of the dark and stay awake during the daylight. If you are one of the night warriors who may also need sleep apnea therapy in Bronx, New York, follow these tips to get the sleep you deserve.

  • Light Adjustment
    Don’t estimate the power of light exposure. It will keep you awake even if your bed is calling loudly. Adjust the lighting in your room. Dim it by covering areas where light passes. You can use black curtains, blinds, eye masks, etc. The darker the room, the better. On your way home, wear sunglasses to condition your eyes.
  • Sound Adjustment
    Whether sleeping in broad daylight or at night, noise is disturbing. White noise can mask loud noises and stimulate your brain to sleep.
  • Bedtime Routine
    Practice the same bedtime every day – even during your day off. Sleep consistency is key to enough rest. Before bedtime, you can also consider a hot bath or a relaxing activity to prepare yourself.

When you’ve exhausted all strategies and are still sleep-deprived, visit iSleep Program. We are a sleep clinic in Brooklyn, New York, providing easy access to various comprehensive diagnostic and treatment solutions for your sleep disorders. Reach out and get better sleep, better health, and better lives.

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