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Understanding Sleep Latency Test and Its Importance

Understanding Sleep Latency Test and Its Importance


The amount of time it takes you to transition from being completely awake to sleeping is referred to as sleep latency, also known as sleep onset latency. Individual differences exist in sleep delay. iSleep Program is a trusted sleep disorder center in New York City, New York, that conducts multiple sleep latency tests.

The amount and quality of sleep you get can be determined by your sleep latency and how quickly you enter rapid eye movement sleep. Your sleep latency may be a contributing factor if you find yourself feeling overly drowsy when you ought to be awake and alert. Oversleeping during the daytime can be a sign of some sleep disorders that requires Sleep Apnea Therapy in Bronx, New York, and other therapy services. Our doctors might conduct multiple sleep latency tests to identify any potential sleep disorders. This examination gauges how long it takes you to drift off to sleep in a peaceful setting during the day. We all get different amounts of sleep, but on average, we sleep for roughly a third of our lives. Numerous brain and other vital functions depend on getting enough good sleep.

Almost every sort of tissue and system in your body is impacted by sleep. Our Sleep clinic in Brooklyn, New York recognizes the importance of achieving a healthier sleeping pattern. If you are interested in avail our services, please do not hesitate to call our lines.

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