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Unveiling Detrimental Practices to Avoid Before Sleep

Unveiling Detrimental Practices to Avoid Before Sleep


The activities you do before bed might have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep. Certain habits before bedtime, on the other hand, can harm our sleep quality and overall health.

Healthy sleep habits are critical for a good night’s sleep and overall wellness. If you wish to break the pattern of sleep deprivation, avoid the following bad sleeping habits:

  • Screen Time Addiction

    Engaging in interesting activities can keep the mind attentive and make falling asleep difficult. Furthermore, the content consumed before going to bed can elicit feelings and ideas that persist, reducing sleep quality even further.

  • Caffeine Addiction

    Caffeine should ideally be avoided at least six hours before bedtime for the body to adequately digest it and promote better sleep.

  • Irregular Sleep Schedule

    Sleep deprivation, daily weariness, and poor cognitive performance can all result from irregular sleep habits. It is recommended to set a consistent bedtime and wake-up time, especially on weekends, to successfully control the body’s sleep-wake cycle. Our sleep clinic in Brooklyn, New York can create a sleeping plan that works for you.

  • Snacking Late at Night and Heavy Meals

    It is best to finish meals at least two to three hours before night and to nibble on light, healthful foods as needed.

  • Intense Physical Activity

    Vigorous exercise sessions should be scheduled earlier in the day to enable the body time to cool down and unwind before bedtime.

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