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Expert Recommendations for Bedtime Routines

Expert Recommendations for Bedtime Routines


Humans are makers of habit. Before sleeping, you may encounter actions that lead you to a comfortable sleep. These can be called your bedtime routine. You can address issues with sleeping in a sleep disorder center in New York City, New York. You contact them if your routine does not work the same way before.

When you have routines, it removes anxiety and late-night stress. You should develop a better one when you still experience worrisome thoughts before sleeping. You can try sleep apnea therapy in Bronx, New York, for treating the symptoms that you are experiencing at night.

Here are the top recommendations for your bedtime routine:

  • Decide on a set bedtime.
    The hour of sleep should be decided beforehand. It will become your sleep-wake cycle for your bedtime schedule. It will train your brain to have a sleepy or drowsy feeling when you reach that schedule.
  • Leave the electronic gadgets alone.
    The light being emitted by the phone or other devices can affect your sleep-wake cycle. It triggers your wake feeling even if you need to sleep now. You should place them away from your bedside table.
  • Have a light snack or bedtime tea.
    Heavy meals and drinking will affect your mood to sleep. It increases your chance of going to the bathroom and disrupts your routine. You can also upset your stomach during that night. The best solution is to eat at least 30 minutes from the desired hour of sleep.

iSLeep Program is a sleep clinic in Brooklyn, New York, that diagnoses different disorders related to your bedtime rest. If the suggestions above did not work, you can speak to their experts for more recommendations.

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