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Why Your Children Need Enough Sleep

Why Your Children Need Enough Sleep

Why Your Children Need Enough Sleep

Most parents generally want to get their children to bed early. One reason is so they can have some quiet time for themselves. The most important reason, though, is that they want their child to grow up healthy and strong. After all, going to bed early and getting enough sleep at night will only bring benefits.

A well-rested child wouldn’t need sleep apnea therapy in Bronx, New York. They are more lively and robust. Here are some of the benefits that can encourage a parent to let their child get sufficient sleep daily:

  • Better Growth
    Babies are on deep sleep most of the time. Being able to sleep deeply allows them to grow bigger and faster. During deep sleep, the body secretes growth hormones adequate for one’s growth. This is why parents tend to think that their newborns grow up fast in the blink of an eye. Have your child go through insomnia testing and therapy if they are having trouble falling into a deep sleep.
  • Prevents Obesity
    Children who sleep less than the required time since their infancy tend to become obese. Sleep deprivation affects the hormone in the body that signals whether or not one is already full. When this hormone is negatively impacted by sleep deprivation, the child will not be able to stop eating. This will then eventually lead to obesity. Before that happens, seek help from the nearby sleep disorder center in New York City, New York.
  • Helps Protect the Heart
    Sleep can protect children from vascular damage caused by stress hormones and cholesterol. Children who can sleep better at night tend to have lower levels of blood glucose and cortisol. This then reduces the risk of diabetes and other heart-related diseases.
  • Helps Fight Infection
    Sleeping can stimulate the production of proteins called cytokines. This is the protein that fights off illnesses, stress, and infections. Not getting enough sleep affects the amount of cytokines the body can produce. The lesser the cytokines level of the body is, the easier it is to get plagued by infections.
  • Prevents ADHD
    If a child is suffering from restless leg syndrome and is unable to sleep, they’ll likely develop hyperactivity. They will be unable to manage their moods. They will also feel more impulsive and unable to focus on their schoolwork.
  • Boosts Learning
    Sleep aids make learning possible for children even as they sleep. This boost in a child’s learning ability ensures a good future for them.
  • Reduces Risks of Injuries
    Lack of sleep results in hyperactivity among children. Children who are too active tend to be clumsier and more impulsive. Thus, it is quite easy for them to get into an accident. Having enough sleep allows the child to be more alert upon waking up.

When you have sleep problems, don’t hesitate to visit a sleep clinic in Brooklyn, New York. Seek help. iSLeep Program dedicates our services to ensuring quality sleep at night.

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