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The Link Between Poor Sleep and Weight Gain

The Link Between Poor Sleep and Weight Gain


For many people, losing weight and keeping the weight off is a challenge. When you think about the factors that impact weight gain, however, sleep may not be one of them. However, there is a strong link between weight management and quality sleep. Hence, you may want to consider sleep improvement if you are trying to lose weight.

As a sleep disorder center in New York City, New York, we will discuss the connection between poor sleep and weight gain:

  • Poor sleep is a risk factor for weight gain.

    Poor sleep quality is linked to a higher body mass index and weight gain. Certain sleep disorders like sleep apnea are also worsened by weight gain. This creates a vicious cycle where poor sleep contributes to weight gain, while weight gain causes your sleep quality to further decrease.

  • Poor sleep can affect physical activity.

    Poor sleep causes fatigue which makes you less motivated to exercise. If you do exercise, you are likely to get tired easily during physical activity. Poor sleep also slows down your metabolism and is linked with insulin resistance. When the body has less production or becomes immune to insulin, food is barely converted into energy or nutrients.

  • Poor sleep can increase your appetite.

    When you are sleep deprived, you tend to eat more to compensate for low energy. Lack of sleep can also increase your affinity for foods that are high in calories and carbohydrates. To improve sleep, consider visiting a sleep clinic in Brooklyn, New York like the iSleep Program.

We utilize a team approach to treating our patients. If you are interested in sleep apnea therapy in Bronx, New York, reach out to us to access our top-notch sleep diagnostic and patient care.

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