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Self-Help Tips to Ease Migraine Pains

Self-Help Tips to Ease Migraine Pains

Self-Help Tips to Ease Migraine Pains

Inadequate sleep, stress, and weather changes are some of the causes of migraine. The latter then results in uncomfortable and unproductive days, so if you have this condition, a sleep clinic in Bronx, New York urges you to keep in mind the following tips to ease your migraine pains:

  • Take a break
    When migraine pains start flaring up, listen to your body, stop for a bit, and relax. Turn off the lights or sounds as you may tend to be sensitive to them. You can also apply a hot or cold compress to your head and neck.
  • Remember to relax well
    Establishing a healthy sleeping routine, along with physical exercise and a balanced diet, is important. If you have any sleeping problems, seek medical help right away such as from a provider of sleep apnea therapy in New York City, New York.
  • Pick your diet sensibly
    High in sodium and processed foods can trigger migraine as well as skipping meals or fasting.
  • Be physically active
    Exercising helps your body release certain chemicals that block pain signals to the brain. Keep in mind choosing the right type of exercise that fits your lifestyle.
  • Manage stress
    Learning how to correctly manage stress greatly helps reducing migraines. A sleep disorder center in Brooklyn, New York suggests that you let go of unnecessary anxieties and make gratefulness a habit.

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