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The Truth About Smartwatch Sleep Trackers

The Truth About Smartwatch Sleep Trackers

the-truth-about-smartwatch-sleep-trackersSmartwatches with built-in fitness apps and sleep trackers are becoming more popular each year. With so many New Yorkers suffering from sleep deprivation, sleep trackers are becoming ubiquitous in the quest for quality sleep.

But do these portable sleep devices work as intended, or are they just a gimmick used to sell more watches? Can they take the place of consulting with an actual sleep clinic in Brooklyn, New York?

Studies show that smartwatches monitor sleep patterns using a person’s body movement or heart rate. Thus, inaccuracies are inevitable. Many persons suffering from conditions like insomnia lie very still in bed while trying to force themselves to sleep. This means certain devices will identify them as sleeping when they are wide awake. Heart rate trackers are more accurate but not accurate enough on their own.

Moreover, how helpful is knowing about your sleeping patterns going to be for us if you don’t act accordingly? If our devices say our sleep patterns are irregular, will you just panic and sleep even less or search for random solutions online? Perhaps the best use for these unproven devices is to prompt us to seek professional help from a reputable sleep disorder center in New York City, New York.

The iSLeep Program provides comprehensive diagnostic and treatment programs for the As to Zs of sleeping disorders, including sleep apnea therapy in Bronx, New York. They have the equipment and expertise needed to help you get the peaceful restful sleep you deserve. If you have problems sleeping, don’t rely on guesstimates from your smartwatch and sleep hacks from influencers. Call us today at 888-929-SLEEP.

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