Most insurance companies will require that authorization be obtained to demonstrate that the patient requires an Oral Appliance to treat their Sleep Apnea. The guidelines are strict and must be adhered to in order to obtain approval from the insurance company to be able to construct the Oral Appliance. It is recommended that the Dentist if not familiar with the guidelines of the insurance company, use a reputable billing company to ensure that the authorization process be successful. 


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iSleep Dental Program® allows you to add a revenue stream to your practice by doing what you've already been doing, Servicing your patients with the best possible care.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea testing can be available for qualified patients to be tested in comfort of their own home. All Devices are approved  Level III medical devices and are easy and simple to use. Data collected gets interpreted by sleep specialists

iSleep Dental Program® comes complete with a Billing Service Agreement. iSleep Program® will perform all Pre-authorizations for E0486 (oral appliance) and will submit all insurance claims on your behalf

Some medical information is collected

High blood pressure?

High Cholesterol?

Diabetes, Heart Disease or GERD?

These are usually associated with OSA

iSleep Dental Program® provides:


Sleep Testing

Oral Appliance therapy

Insurance Authorizations


CE courses

Marketing Materials

Every Patient is screened for OSA at front desk. The front desk employees should have EVERY patient fill out the Dental Sleep Health Questionnaire for signs & symptoms of OSA

Check out some forms your office can use to screen for Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

Based on the results, MILD to MODERATE cases will then be sent to the Dentist for an Oral Appliance fitting. SEVERE Sleep Apnea cases MUST use C-PAP machines as therapy

 Please note that patients that are SEVERE, but are CPAP intolerant, can sign an AFFIDAVIT for NON-COMPLIANCE/INTOLERANCE and requerst to have an Oral Appliance made for their Sleep Apnea

Available in 7 different languages. Call iSleep Offices for more information.

iSleep Program® has developed a turn-key operation for dentists to treat their patients who suffer from sleep breathing disorders. Our program allows the dentist to identify signs & symptoms of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) and treat the patient with an oral appliance as a first line treatment option. Unlike other companies, iSleep Program® does not charge our dentists any sign up fees and iSleep Program® will not charge the dentist to obtain the patients medical insurance benefits. iSleep Program® solely charges for the submission of medical claims paid by the insurance company.

In order to become fully enrolled in the iSleep Dental Program® please click the SIGN UP link above and complete the sign up form, once submitted, and account manager will be contacting you or your office to finalize enrollment and schedule an in office consultation.

Let iSleep Dental Program® help your practice provide your patients with better Sleep TODAY! 

The Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) by a Dentist is a game changer!

Medical Insurances acknowledge that when it comes to custom fitted Oral Appliances the dentist is an EXPERT in.

 Chair side examination is NEXT. This exam can either be performed by a Dentist or dental hygienist.This consists of the evaluation of the Tongue, Uvula, and to asses the airway passage. Based on those findings, if the patient scores greater than a 6, the patient MUST have a Sleep Test

By filling out Questionnaire your office will immediately identify patients that have signs and symptoms of OSA.